iColor Group, an international cosmetics OEM/ODM complete service provider, focuses on developing new formulations, and providing high quality products in skincare, cosmetics, hair, perfume, nail polish and other beauty categories. We are a one-stop cosmetics manufacturer that provides product design, formula research and development, production, processing, sourcing, product record, warehousing and logistics.


With a total investment of 700 million yuan, the group has five production plants: one in Suzhou, two in Shanghai, one in Zhejiang and one in Thailand. The R&D center is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and consists of senior R&D engineers from China, Italy and Japan. The company devotes itself to R&D innovation and production management, as well as commits to providing high-quality services to excellent brands locally and abroad.

       iColor Group is equipped with exquisite scientific research technologies, advanced production equipment, 100,000 level clean workshops, and high-end inspection and testing instruments. We strictly implement the standards of GMP, ISO22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, and ISO9000 Quality Management System, to ensure that customers receive the most innovative, high-quality and reliable products and services.

       iColor Group is now developing rapidly in China, with the third and fourth factories in operation. The third plant is located in Shanghai, with an area of about 20 thousand square meters, mainly for producing skin care products. The fourth factory is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, covering 73,330 square meters. The main items being produced are personal care, perfume and nail polish.

       At the same time, we are going global. We have built a factory in Thailand, which can produce all series of products handled by iColor Group. We have also established sales and R&D centers in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Product categories:


    Wax base: lipstick, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, etc.

  • Powder: pressed powder, baked powder, mousse powder, loose powder, etc.
  • Liquid: shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, facial cleanser, lotion, lip balm, lip gloss, etc.
  • Creams and emulsions: BB cream, liquid foundation, moisturizer, body lotion, facial cleanser, etc.
  • Perfume: EDP, EDT, body spray, vaginal care, car fragrance, hotel and club fragrance, home fragrance, etc.

  • Solvent: nail polish


At iColor Group, we place our focus on the customer, striving to provide the best service and quality. With a fashionable eye to lead a strong R&D team dedicated to the development of a full range of products in make-up, skincare, personal care, perfume, nail polish, we wish to deliver the best products to beauty gurus all over the world!